Hey! I’m Anu (uh-noo) A designer based in Oakland, California. Currently I'm a product designer at Code for America building and, apps that help deliver flexible cash to people across the US.
In my free time, I’m creating space for Black and Brown designers through outreach and education at Inneract Project.

Photo by Lara Kaur

Born in India, raised in the Midwest, blooming in California. At my core, I’m wildly curious about people. My greatest joys come from working closely with the people I’m serving. Whether that’s in the classroom or in a workshop, I love the human side of design. 

I care about creating more access and equity through design. I believe that we all deserve well-designed experiences, and use optimism as my strategy for designing a more beautiful, inclusive, and thoughtful world.

I love making new friends. Don't be shy, say hello!